Pocklington Parking – A Catalogue Of Failures

I have been requested to share my opinions with regards the challenges Pocklington faces with regards parking.

Future Stamford Bridge Overflow Car Park

In essence parking in Pocklington has been a catalogue of failures.

  1. To address any future parking issues in Stamford Bridge the Parish Council recently purchased land beyond the Viking Road Car Park to create an overflow car park. Pocklington Town Council (PTC) should have purchased land in Pocklington for the same purpose when it was available. PTC failed to do this.
  2. Pocklington School have been given planning consent to expand the School without requirements to provide parking. ERYC and PTC failed to ensure this.
  3. One of the consequences of the seven-year plus delay to produce a Pocklington Neighbourhood Plan  is that the opportunity has been missed to incorporate cycle paths into all new developments. This would be a positive aspect of a Neighbourhood Plan as it would address congestion and the shortage of parking. PTC have failed to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.
  4. Burnby Hall Gardens street parking restriction. As a result of PTC supporting the restriction of street parking outside Burnby Hall Gardens up to five places were lost. PTC failed to preserve parking.
  5. The Pavement – By PTC supporting the white elephant works at The Pavement two parking places were lost. PTC failed to preserve parking

My Parking Record

  1. I instigated a new residents car park for Scaife Garth.
  2. I objected to the loss of street parking outside Burnby Hall Gardens
  3. I objected to the loss of parking at The Pavement
  4. I successfully prevented the over development of the Kirkland Street development due to lack of parking.
  5. I have requested improvements to Kirkland Street parking.


Work by myself to improve parking in Pocklington is constantly being undermined by the failures of PTC.

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