Jane Finnis Coming To Stamford Bridge Library

Local author Jane Finnis will be giving a talk to the Book Group at Stamford Bridge library on Tuesday, 7 May, at 2pm, as part of National Crime Reading Month.

“Friends, Romans, Murderers…”: Jane Finnis writes mysteries dealing with life (and death) in Roman Yorkshire. Her main character is innkeeper and reluctant sleuth Aurelia Marcella, who runs an inn on the road to York at the bottom of Garrowby Hill, and in between times gets drawn into solving crimes. There’s no shortage of murder and mayhem, because Britain is still a raw frontier province, with simmering tension between the conquering Roman settlers and the native Britons…and human nature hasn’t changed much over the last two millennia.

The talk is free to attend and there is no need to book in advance – people can just turn up.
Librarian Sarah Hutchinson said : “The book group is great fun to join. You don’t have to read a book you might not like, as the book group reads ‘topics.’ This means you choose a book that you like the sound of, then you talk about that – which is like sharing a friend . It also means you get to hear about several other books that people have read – and someone else might have discovered a gem.
“I hope lots of people will come along to hear and meet Jane, and hear about an age old mystery on the doorstep of Stamford Bridge, and will then be tempted to join our Book Group.”

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