Conservative Councillors – Residents Fears Confirmed

I would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support following the recent election.

Many residents, especially those in the villages, raised concerns that there would now be a revert back to the dark days of Ward Councillors attending meetings but doing very little else. Sadly on Monday night not one of the three Conservative Councillors could even be bothered to attend the Stamford Bridge Parish Council meeting.


As residents have elected six Conservative Councillors for Pocklington Provincial and Wolds Weighton I believe there will now be a rubber stamping of National Conservative Government policy towards planning in the area.

With the review of the ERYC Local Plan currently underway, I expect this will “support” further development for Pocklington Provincial as Conservative Councillors must put party before resident.

Given the 100% blanket vote for the Conservatives, I now believe the Full Sutton Prison application will receive approval. The only chance of this not happening is a change in Government policy.

True to ERYC Planning norms some “Local Conservatives” will be allowed to speak out and even vote against the application. This will be done in full knowledge that the vote will go through on the nod as 75% of the Planning Committee are Conservatives.

Why do residents think the Conservative Group hold meetings prior to the Planning Committees?

Nothing Further Lost For Strangeway

I would like to reassure concerned residents that the only thing Strangeway lost is an election. I will earn the same income for half the hours; spend more time with my wife; enjoy our garden and give consideration to different opportunities opening up.

While nothing further has been lost for Strangeway, sadly I believe a great deal has been lost for residents.

Will Strangeway return to politics/campaigning in two weeks, two months, two years or not at all?

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