Hambleton District Council Turn Blind Eye

Hambleton District Council (HDC) has turned a blind eye to my offer to them to attempt to prosecute me under the powers of the PSPO.

Councillor Carl Les – Leader North Yorkshire County Council

In today’s Northern Echo an HDC spokesman states:

“In response to Mr Strangeway’s claims, a council spokesman said nightly patrols were being undertaken to talk to drivers and issue information leaflets.


He added: “It is hoped that drivers will use the nearby purpose-built lorry parks. The implementation of the order will be monitored and reviewed in six months time so that the council can determine what impact this has had on the community, businesses and the drivers.””

This would appear to confirm that the PSPO is unenforceable and that HDC has been forced to turn a blind eye.

Yet again an overpaid Local Authority Legal Department has wasted taxpayers resources.

Invite To Carl Les

I will offer HDC two further opportunities to enforce the PSPO against me.

Carl Les is the Ward Councillor for Leeming Bar for both HDC and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC). In addition, he is the Leader of NYCC.

To prevent HDC from wasting further taxpayers resources, I am happy to invite Carl for a coffee while I am in the area. I am sure between us we can resolve the issue of an unenforceable PSPO that was introduced for issues which do not exist on the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate.

I have sent the following email to Carl:

Dear Carl,

Could I please refer you to (link).

If you would like to meet for a coffee while I am in the area please phone me by midday on Monday 10 June to make arrangements.

A good friend speaks well of you.


Andy Strangeway

M: 07826 439 101

Further Information

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