Hambleton Council Guilty Of Anti Social Behaviour

It is rather ironic that Hambleton District Council, who are attempting to deal with alleged anti-social behaviour on the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate with a Public Spaces Protection Orders, are themselves guilty of anti-social behaviour on the Estate.

I can confirm that the “No Overnight Parking” signs on the roads through Leeming Bar Industrial Estate are unlawful as they are not approved signs and there is no Traffic Regulation Order for them.

It is clearly anti-social behaviour for any Council to erect unlawful road signs in an attempt to mislead the public.

For this council to then claim the public is committing anti-social behaviour in the same location they themselves are committing anti-social behaviour is a disgrace.

I have registered a formal complaint with Hambleton District Council for erecting the “No Overnight Parking” signs and requested that they are removed at the earliest opportunity.

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