PSPO Bans Sleeping In Uneven Beds

At the entrance to the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate, I was surprised to see a sign which appeared to ban the sleeping in uneven beds.

Upon further inspection, the sign is ambiguous as it refers to the PSPO.

Last night for a second time I parked up on the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate to directly challenge the PSPO. For the second time, a Fixed Penalty Notice was not issued.

It was interesting to watch a Police Community Support Officer approach all HGVs parked up. Yet apart from a polite acknowledgement of myself, which was politely returned, the Officer did not approach me. Does this mean all cars are exempt from the PSPO or just mine?

Double or Single Yellow Lines

I am at a loss to understand if the yellow lines on Leeming Bar Industrial Estate are double or single. Has Hambleton District Council just repainted one single yellow line as the double yellow lines are no longer in force? Or did they forget to repaint the second line?

Ambiguous Traffic Law

Parked Up On Leeming Bar Industrial Estate

It is of concern that the traffic law on Leeming Bar Industrial Estate is ambiguous.

  1. The PSPO is unenforceable.
  2. The No Overnight Parking signs are unenforceable.
  3. There is no ban on sleeping in uneven beds.
  4. It is unclear if there is one yellow line or two.
  5. It is unknown if the 40-minute waiting limit is enforceable.

I would politely advise Hambleton District Council to review all of their parking restrictions on the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate to ensure they are unambiguous.

Further Information

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