Driffield Big Brother – CCTV Breaches Legislation

The CCTV in Driffield, which is owned by Driffield Town Council (DTC), is operating in breach of legislation.

The CCTV operator must let people know they are using CCTV. Signs are the most usual way of doing this. DTC has failed to do this.

Formal Complaint

I have made a formal complaint against DTC for operating the CCTV outwith legislation.

Freedom of Information Request (FOI)

Under the FOI I have requested from DTC:

  • Copy of the communication with the ICO to register as a CCTV operator
  • Copy of the stated purpose for the CCTV system
  • The Privacy Impact Assessment for the CCTV system
  • Contact details of the CCTV Data Controller

Subject Access Request

I want to make a subject access request to DTC for Data DTC hold of me that was taken via their CCTV yesterday morning. Unfortunately, until my FOI request is addressed I am unable to do this.

Further Information

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