Pock Town Council: All Mouth No Brains

Pocklington Town Council (PTC) revealed the results of the Consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan over the weekend and confirmed yet again they are all mouth and no brains.

The Evidence

  • For eight years PTC failed to produce a Pocklington Neighbourhood Plan that could have shaped planning in Pocklington.
  • Yet they constantly complain about Tory controlled ERYC allowing further house building in Pocklington.
  • All three Pocklington Provincial ERYC Ward Councillors are now Tory.
  • All three are former PTC Councillors.
  • It is a Tory policy to build houses.
  • All three agree to put party first (thus residents are at best second).
  • A review of the Local Plan is currently in process.
  • All three will support national Conservative Policy and support the building of more houses, especially in Pocklington by voting for this in the new Local Plan.
  • None of the three newly elected ERYC Ward Councillors was in attendance over the weekend.
  • Of course, they were absent. They know they failed for years while PTC Councillors to introduce the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Due to PTC Councillors failure and Tory policy, it is now too late for a Neighbourhood Plan as the overdevelopment has happened.
  • The three Tory Ward Councillors will now vote for a new Local Plan that will force many more houses on Pocklington.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan is still about two years away at best.
  • The consultation period was launched in the run-up to the recent elections.
  • This was surely not to deflect from the failure of the PTC Councillors who were standing for election as both ERYC and PTC Councillors at the time?

Enough said.

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