CCTV Fiasco – Working With Others

As a campaigner, I always welcome the opportunity to work with others to resolve issues that I raise in the smoothest possible manner.

With the  East Yorkshire CCTV Fiasco, I am currently doing this with Humberside Police and others.

Sadly Pocklington Town Council (PTC) has reverted to type – we are perfect the messenger is wrong. This is typified by comments on social media attacking me for exposing the fiasco:

“Why has it taken him this long to notice it? It’s been there for a good while.” Claire Findlay, Deputy Clerk PTC.

“I was wondering that, its been here a very good number of years” Dean Hodgson, Mayor PTC.

I would politely suggest that PTC should be attempting to understand the serious implications of their failures, considered why they failed, established how to correct the failures and learn lessons to avoid such failures in the future.

Others are already doing this. PTC need to wake up, grow up and take responsibility.

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