Fangfoss Park: Access Prevented To Those With Disabilities

All erosion of our civil liberties is unacceptable but when this affects those with disabilities, especially children wanting to visit a play area, you can’t get much lower.

The unlawful sign above does just that as many with disabilities are unable to walk the long distance.

As can be seen from the map, the road is Highway all the way to Jubilee Park, Fangfoss. As such everyone has full vehicular access to it.

Why have the Fangfoss and Bolton Jubilee Park Company, Fangfoss with Bolton Parish Council and all three ERYC Conservative Ward Councillors turned a blind eye to this shameful and unlawful discrimination?

Formal Complaint

I have registered a formal complaint with ERYC and requested that the unlawful sign is removed at the earliest opportunity to allow full access to all especially those with disabilities.

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