Back Lane Fangfoss Highway Obstruction

Those like myself who have spent all their life driving country roads, especially those that are single track, will know the importance of having access to the grass verge.

In essence, the grass verge is required to allow vehicles to pass each other. For this reason, the grass verge must never be obstructed and indeed to do so is in breach of the Highways Act.

Sadly some residents are so selfish they choose to place rocks, cones etc.. on the grass verge to protect what they see as their property. In truth, it is part of the Highway and their actions are unlawful. The images in this article demonstrate the unlawful conduct at four properties on Back Lane, Fangfoss.

I have registered a formal complaint with ERYC and requested that all rocks, cones etc.. that are obstructing the Highway are removed at the earliest opportunity.

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