CCTV In Pocklington – A Criminals Charter

I am fully aware that when it comes to CCTV legislation Humberside Police, ERYC Conservative Pocklington Provincial Ward Councillors and Pocklington Town Council are all muppets.

Until yesterday I was of the opinion that Pocklington businesses had more sense. Sadly I was wrong.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, it is alleged that up to six youths broke into a local shop and committed the act of theft.

The business in question shared CCTV recording of this on social media. By doing this they became those alleged best friend as:

  1. The DPA and GDPR were breached by publishing the recording.
  2. Over 30,000 people viewed this which jeopardises a fair trial.
  3. They allowed comments which named some of the alleged.
  4. The business failed to display adequate CCTV signs. (There was a sign on the broken glass).

Polite Advice To The Business

I highly recommend the business to:

  1. Remove the Facebook post as a matter of urgency.
  2. Seek legal advice.
  3. Refer yourself to the Information Commissioners Office.
  4. Refer yourself to Humberside Police.
  5. Switch the system off until it is being operated lawfully.

As the CCTV system was and continues to be operated outwith legislation the business is exposed to legal action and significant fines.

Pocklington CCTV – A Mess

As the Pocklington Town Council CCTV system on Judsons and The Feathers is currently being operated unlawfully this cannot be used as evidence.

In essence, Pocklington CCTV is in a mess and is a criminals charter.

Golden Rules

  1. Ignorance of the law is no defence for breaking the law.
  2. Do not break the law in an attempt to enforce the law.
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