Hambleton Council Feeble Attempt To Intimidate

Last night, while undertaking direct action at Leeming Bar, Hambleton District Council (HDC) made a feeble attempt to intimidate by handing me a leaflet at 21.35 while I was stood outside taking in the evening air.

As promised, in the interests of transparency, I sent Councillor Carl Les a text at 20.35:

“Carl, we are parked at Roughly Bank. We look forward to receiving a FPN. Regards Andy”.

I was delighted to see “Security Enforcement” appear an hour later. The exceedingly sheepish gentleman handed me a leaflet while muttering “I am only doing my job”. Bless him.

The leaflet issued on Friday 19 July stated:

“From Wednesday 3 July 2019 £100 Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued to any person found to be in breach of the terms of the order”.

By issuing me the leaflet instead of a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) Security Enforcement confirmed that I was not “in breach of the terms of the order” as they would have issued me a £100 FPN if I was.

HDC taxpayers paid for a leaflet to be issued to me as a FPN could not be. I have informed HDC of the unenforceability of the PSPO on numerous occasions. What a waste of taxpayers resources. A feeble attempt to intimidate. I am still roaring with laughter.

I will now plan further direct action for Leeming Bar.

Dedicated To Councillor Carl Les

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