York PSPOs – Lendal Bridge Revisited

It appears that the City of York Council is to revisit the incompetence shown by their legal team in relation to the Lendal Bridge fiasco. This time it will be the issue of unlawful Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs)that is highlighting their failure.

The legislation clearly states:

“In relation to a public spaces protection order that a local authority has made, extended or varied, that local authority must publish the order as made, extended or varied (as the case may be) on its website.”

For reasons known only to the City of York Council legal team, they have failed to do this.

Please see:

  1. The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 (Publication of Public Spaces Protection Orders) Regulations 2014
  2. City of York PSPO

As the City of York Council has failed to fulfil their legal requirement to publish the orders as made on their website all Fixed Penalty Notices issued for breaching a PSPO must now be reimbursed.

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