McDonald’s Parking Company Issues Unlawful Charge

  • UK Parking Control Ltd (UKPC) has issued me with a parking charge for allegedly staying at McDonald’s Bilbrough Top for 7 hours and 11 minutes in excess of the maximum stay time of 1 hour 30 minutes.

False Statements

UKPC make numerous false claims on the letter which I received today. These include:

  • The driver is therefore required to pay the outstanding charge – FALSE
  • The parking charge has been lawfully issued – FALSE

Parking Not Driving

Everyone can see from the two images of my vehicle provided by UKPC it is clearly not parked it is moving. Thus there is no evidence to support a “parking” charge.

Subject Access Request

I have informed UKPC:

“I would like to make a Subject Access Request for all the Data UKPC have gathered on me in relation to PCRN 9421519227160. The request to cover 15 August 2019 between 06.28 and 14.00.

In addition, I request a copy of your Subject Access Request Policy and your CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment.

I intend to appeal the PCRN. As you will appreciate to undertake the appeal I will require UKPC to complete my Subject Access Request first.”

I recommend that anyone who receives a parking charge submits a subject access request. If everyone does this the issuing of parking charges would become unviable.

The Facts

On the day in question, I visited McDonald’s for breakfast and drove through over six hours later to pick up a coffee on my way home from work.

My Subject Access Request will not show my car parked at McDonald’s for over six hours when UKPC alleged it was.

I will appeal against this parking charge.

McDonald’s Must Take Responsibility

As a campaigner against unlawful parking enforcement successfully dealing with this unsolicited communication from UKPC is well within my abilities.

Many of McDonald’s customers will not have my knowledge and will be distressed to receive notice of a parking charge.

As McDonald’s have contracted UKPC to undertake the policing of their car park they must now consider if UKPC is a suitable organisation to carry out these activities for a family restaurant. My case will certainly not be the only one where UKPC have unlawfully issued a parking charge for the site.

The system used by UKPC is clearly fundamentally flawed.

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