PTC Require Anti-Social Behaviour Mirror

Gordon Scaife, Pocklington Town Council (PTC) Clerk last week sent me an unsolicited email stating:

“I think the anti-social behaviour will continue unless the young people involved have some intervention from the agencies that have those powers to challenge anti-social behaviour or provide diversionary activities.”

PTC Clerk Gordon Scaife

Why is Gordon not aware that PTC is an agency who have powers to intervene to challenge anti-social behaviour or help to provide diversionary activities in Pocklington? The following are just four examples:

  • Breaching Legislation – By breaching Freedom of Information legislation this is not only anti-social and unlawful but it also condones unlawful conduct by young people.
  • Unlawful CCTV – by operating an unlawful CCTV system for years is anti-social, unlawful, condones unlawful conduct by young people and is the criminals best friend.
  • Pocklington Youth Club – PTC misled Young People Count by not supporting their request for premises for a Youth Club on West Green. This is possible. Whilst an ERYC Councillor I had meetings which confirmed the position of PTC to be false. This information I shared with Young People Count about two years ago. PTC conducted themselves in an anti-social manner and prevented the Young People of Pocklington having a Youth Club for years.
  • Neighbourhood Plan – By failing for 8 years to produce a Neighbourhood Plan PTC have missed an opportunity to shape planning in a way that would help to prevent anti-social behaviour in Pocklington. PTC failure is anti-social.

I suggest that Gordon looks in a mirror before making such statements in the future. I am in no doubt that the failure of PTC to carry out their duties and in a lawful manner has been, and continues to be, a major factor in anti-social behaviour in Pocklington.

I refer Gordon to Mirrors For Sale.

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