Full Sutton Prison Maintenance – High Standards

My wife and I have lived in what many refer to as the Full Sutton “Prison Estate” for over 15 years and never cease to be impressed at the high standards of maintenance of the grounds that surround our home by Full Sutton Prison.

I know of no other Government body in the area that has such high standards. As can be seen from the photo the hedges are immaculate, all cuttings are cleared away and the grass is regularly cut.

ERYC in comparison is a disgrace.

ERYC Example 1 – Stamford Bridge Banks

The banks on Main Street, Stamford Bridge are a prime example of how bad ERYC is with maintenance. We have all seen the grass left to grow up to two feet high.

Myself and Stamford Bridge Parish Council have on many occasions had to chase ERYC to undertake this work.

ERYC Example 2 – Incompetence

When a Ward Councillor I requested four aspects of work to a copse of trees in Stamford Bridge. The result was a farce.

  • Workmen appeared and did one of the aspects.
  • I then questioned the failure to do the other three pieces of work. Workmen returned and did one more aspect.
  • Further chasing up, once again workmen appear and did one more aspect.
  • The final aspect remains outstanding to this day.

These two simple examples demonstrate how ERYC not only waste resources but also fail to undertake the required maintenance on a regular basis.

As the maintenance around our home is of such a high standard my wife and I are so grateful that Full Sutton Prison are our neighbours and not ERYC.

Well done Full Sutton Prison. You are a great example.

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