UKPC Subject Access Request – Missing Data

When UK Parking Control Ltd (UKPC) issued me with a parking charge for allegedly staying at McDonald’s Bilbrough Top for 7 hours and 11 minutes (in excess of the maximum stay time of 1 hour 30 minutes). I immediately made a Subject Access Request.

On the day in question, I visited McDonald’s for breakfast and drove through over six hours later to pick up a coffee on my way home from work. The Subject Access Request should have proved this. Yet UKPC is claiming that the only Data and images they hold of me are those which is included in the Parking Charge.

As my first visit was for approximately 30 minutes and my second a drive through UKPC must either:

  1. Hold further images of my car or
  2. Have a malfunction with their camera.

I have requested UKPC to review my Subject Access Request


In addition, I have appealed the Parking Charge for the following reasons:

  • As the McDonalds site is not operated by Mcdonalds there must be adequate signage stating CCTV is in operation. There is none.
  • Signage on entry is inadequate as it was bent back and cannot be read when driving in.

  • UKPC have provided no evidence that I was parked for 7 hours and 11 minutes as there is no evidence.
  • The British Parking Association state: “Repeat users of a car park inside a 24 hour period sometimes find that their first entry is paired with their last exit, resulting in an ‘overstay’. Operators are becoming aware of this and should now be checking all ANPR transactions to ensure that this does not occur.”– This is exactly what happened in my case. UKPC have cleared failed to ensure this did not happen.
  • The British Parking Association state: Some ‘drive-in/drive-out’ motorists that have activated the system receive a charge certificate even though they have not parked or taken a ticket. Reputable operators tend not to uphold charge certificates issued in this manner.” – On my second visit, this is exactly what happened to me. I merely picked up a coffee via the drive-through.

For the above reasons, the parking charge against me must be cancelled.

In addition, UKPC must review their enforcement procedures at the site to comply with the British Parking Association position.

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