Leeming Bar Truckers PSPO Direct Action

On Thursday evening I undertook my fifth direct action at Leeming Bar to highlight the failure of Hambleton District Council (HDC) Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

For the fifth time, I was not issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

The issues highlighted at Leeming Bar that lead to officers and Councillors, including North Yorkshire County Council Leader Carl Les, agreeing to spend over £6,800 on a PSPO that was not only unlawful but also impossible to enforce, are easy to resolve.

For example, for the same price, HDC could have installed 20 litter bins.

So why has this not happened?

Could it be that certain persons at HDC are using the “issues” to advance business interests instead of taking the required action?

Truckers Direct Action

It was good to see that truckers have now realised that HDC actions are merely empty words and an attempt to intimidate.

On Thursday evening, I witnessed numerous truckers undertaking the most visual of direct action against the overnight parking ban by parking up overnight next to the signs.

Planned Consultation

HDC has stated that they intend to hold a consultation regards the Leeming Bar issues.

I would suggest to them that this must not be a consultation over the PSPO as no Government body can ever hold a consultation on undertaking unlawful action.

Leaflets Planned

If the PSPO is not revoked and all signage removed I am informed that a significant leaflet drop will take place advising truckers of the true position.


The most important aspect to resolve the current situation is to get buy-in from Truckers. To date, HDC, in true Local Authority style, has failed to even consider this most fundamental aspect.

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