Paul Abbott – Best Thought A Fool

Paul Abbott, ERYC Head of Trading Standards, who believes that a restriction is a prohibition has decided it is best thought a fool.

After explaining to Paul how insane his belief that A Restriction Is A Prohibition he took wise advice from his Grandmother and informed me:

“I have nothing further to add to my previous response”

A Simply Test For Paul

If Paul is still struggling to understand the difference between a restriction and prohibition perhaps he should consider this:

Would he prefer his breathing to be restricted or prohibited?

A Challenge To Paul

The current signage in many places across the East Riding including Beverley and Bridlington incorrectly states “The consumption of alcohol in this area is restricted by order” but the order states “The consumption of alcohol in the area is prohibited by order”.

As such, no Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) can be enforced.

If Paul disagrees with me he can name the place, date and time and invite me to consume alcohol under any such sign.

The invitation will be accepted so long as the current signs remain.

How does it go Paul? Best thought a fool than…

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