Paul Abbott – A Silly Person

Paul Abbott, ERYC Head of Trading Standards, has falsely stated that I publicly called him a fool in the post Paul Abbott – Best Thought A Fool. As can be seen, this is false. The post is merely a spoof.

As Paul raised the issue I decided to seek the opinion of Mr Google:

“a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person”

Paul, who as ERYC Head of Trading Standards believes a restriction is a prohibition. Based on this I think we can safely agree, according to Mr Google, that Paul has acted unwisely or imprudently.

Thus he is a fool or a silly person as stated by Mr Google.

I am happy to use the word silly as Paul clearly has issues with fool although it was good enough for Norman Wisdom…

“I will consider it to be vexatious”

I use the English language correctly to explain the use of the English language incorrectly by Paul and he says “I will consider it to be vexatious”

Mr Google, please define vexatious?

Email From Paul

In the public interest, I reproduce in full the email from Paul.

From: Paul Abbott

Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 9:57 AM

To: Andy Strangeway

Subject: Re: Paul Abbott – Best Thought A Fool

Dear Mr Strangeway

Thank you for your recent email. I note that you have chosen to publicly call me a fool. I do not find this to be constructive and cannot understand how you would believe that you will obtain a positive outcome to any enquiries using this approach.

The Council has a duty to protect its staff from unreasonable, abusive or offensive behaviour, and I consider your web page to be a clear example an unreasonable approach. I must advise you that should you persist in your behaviour I will consider it to be vexatious. If that happens I will issue instructions for staff not to deal with you by telephone, for all communications to be in writing, and for a single point of contact to be provided who will assess all communications received from you and determine if they merit a response.

I hope I do not have to take these steps, and that you will adopt a more constructive method of communications in future. I would request that you remove your last posting as a demonstration that you wish to have better relationships in future.


Paul Abbott
Head of Housing Transportation and Public Protection
:   (01482) 396100

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