Leeming Bar Overnight Parking Ban – The Truth

After successfully campaigning against the unlawfully and unenforceable Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO), which banned overnight parking, since June I can now reveal the true reason behind the PSPO.

Within red line donates PSPO area

Hambleton District Council (HDC) in their new Local Plan want to extend the Industrial Estate to engulf Leeming Bar village and the Caravan site. I am informed that plans are afoot for a new Truck Stop on this extended Industrial Estate.

Within green line donates extended Industrial Estate

In an attempt to deflect the expected and understandable local feelings against this HDC have sort to find a “devil” in which to attack and claim to be supporting residents by doing so.

The devil, in this case, is Truckers. Yet in truth, HDC plan to destroy the village and the Caravan Park. Who would want to stay on a Caravan Park engulfed by an Industrial Estate?

Together – the village is engulfed

Anti-Social Behaviour

I would like to inform Leeming Bar residents that anti-social behaviour is a material consideration against any planned developments.

By introducing the PSPO HDC have themselves provided the evidence that must be accepted to prevent any development on the planned Industrial Estate extension.

Shoot oneself in the foot I believe is the expression!

I wonder who owns the land which is planned for development?

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