Pragmatic Carrot For Leeming Bar

I am pleased to have received an email today from Paul Staines, Director of Environment, Hambleton District Council (HDC) regards my concerns raised in relation to the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Paul has confirmed:

“I am willing to undertake a review of the location and numbers of bins and will ask the Waste and Street Scene Manager to do this forthwith.”

I believe this to be the correct approach and if it results in extra litter bins being introduced at Leeming Bar it may deal with the current issues.

When introducing or amending a Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) HDC must be mindful that HM Government state “Other options should actively be considered before a PSPO is pursued”.

If Pauls review results in more litter bins HDC will be in line with HM Governments position in relation to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and this aspect of PSPOs.

The introduction of more litter bins to deal with the issues identified instead of an unlawful and unenforceable PSPO would receive my full support.

I have asked Paul to keep me informed of any progress.

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