Vilification Used To Support Parking Ban

Vilification has been a tool of dictators throughout history to incite hatred towards a group of people to achieve desired outcomes of the tyrant.

The method is simple. Encourage the people to develop a hatred of a certain group with the aim of ensuring the support of the people for your objectives.

Shamefully Local Authorities use this very tactic across the country to ban overnight parking. If motorhomers are a target, as happened in Scarborough and Lincolnshire, the objective will be to drive business to a local caravan site. When truckers are a target, as is currently happening at Leeming Bar, the objective will be to drive business to a new truck stop and industrial estate.

This distasteful situation was highlighted last night when Mathew Sawyer on a public Facebook claimed:

“HGVs leave human waste behind”

Click to see Mathew Sawyer Facebook.

When asked to provide evidence of his claim he had none.

Hopefully, the Green Party does not condone such conduct.

Leeming Bar Parking Ban

Hambleton District Council (HDC) must take full responsibility for stirring up such hatred as they have targeted truckers, without evidence, to support a ban against them and campervans parking overnight at Leeming Bar.

No Local Authority should ever use the tools of a dictator.

Freedom Of Information Request

In an attempt to resolve this distasteful situation I have submitted the following FOI request to Hambleton District Council.

Dear Sir/Madam,

As per the Freedom of Information Act could you please provide any information held in relation to HGV drivers leaving human waste behind in the area covered by the Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order?


Andy Strangeway

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