Council Claim Sleeping Is Anti-Social Behaviour

In an attempt to ban overnight parking Hambleton District Council (HDC) are claiming that sleeping is anti-social behaviour.

As part of Evaluation Consultation (October 2019) of Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and Surrounding Areas Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) under “The Current Situation” section HDC claim:

“Despite the efforts made by the Council to inform drivers using the area of the prohibition on sleeping in their vehicles (and the anti-social behaviour associated with this)”

I hold my hand up to various activities I undertake while sleeping:

  1. Snoring
  2. Talking
  3. Passing wind

Since when have these activities become anti-social behaviour? Does this mean that the full population of the UK will be given an ASBO?

Please read Evaluation Consultation (October 2019) (Click on link)

Email To Hambleton District Council

Sent: Friday, November 8, 2019 2:51 PM
Subject: Council Claim Sleeping Is Anti-Social Behaviour

Good Afternoon,

Could I please refer you to (LINK)?

Could you please clarify what activity is undertaken while sleeping that HDC considers being anti-social behaviour?

If there is no such activity the Evaluation Consultation (October 2019) becomes null and void.


Andy Strangeway

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