Direct Action – Hastings/Rother – Assistance Invited

To defend the civil liberties of road users, especially the homeless I am planning a trip south to take lawful direct action against the unlawful parking bans of both Hastings Borough Council and Rother District Council.

Over the next week, I intend to spend a night parked in my vehicle in both locations to allow both Councils the opportunity to issue me with a Fixed Penalty Notice. Any Fixed Penalty Notice issued will be successfully challenged in Court. If no Fixed Penalty Notice is issued consideration to further direct action will be given.

To allow for a full site visit the first direct action will be done by myself.

A full report of both direct actions will be posted on this site and shared on Facebook. Local media and both Councils will be informed of my actions. These actions will be lawful unlike those of both Councils.

For further information please click on the following links:

  1. Hastings
  2. Rother

Assistance Invited

I am one person taking a stand alone against the erosion of our civil liberties. As this will require a three day/two night trip covering over 600 miles from my home in Yorkshire I invite assistance.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet anyone in both locations with local knowledge.

Any donations to assist with my costs would be appreciated. The cost of a cup of coffee or gallon of petrol added together all helps.

Donate Button (click to donate)

The more assistance I receive the more direct action I will be in a position to take.

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