Leeming Bar Parking Ban – Direct Action 6

Last night with temperatures below freezing I undertook my sixth direct action at Leeming Bar against the overnight parking ban. For a sixth time, Hambleton District Council (HDC) failed to issue me a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

I am of the opinion that certain persons at HDC have conducted themselves in a degenerate manner in their attempts to ban overnight parking.

To distance myself from such conduct, whenever I undertake direct action I will utilise the time to pursue my Buddhist practices.  This will include contemplation, praying and meditation. I freely admit that I may fall asleep while undertaking my practice, as I have done in many Buddhist gompas.

If a FPN had been issued, I would have made a successful appeal against it as:

  1. HDC is in breach of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – 65 – 1 which states: “A public spaces protection order may not restrict the public right of way over a highway.
  2. HDC has misused the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 as stated in the official Government guidelines.
  3. On the signs, it states “Overnight” but this is not defined.
  4. The signage is not permitted as per the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD2016). All permitted signs on the highway must comply with the TSRGD 2016.
  5. Consequently, as HDC has full knowledge of number 1 to 4, to issue a FPN would be a breach of the Fraud Act 2006

Assistance Received And Invited

I would like to thank those who have provided information or made a donation to assist with this direct action. I am grateful for and humbled by the support that has been given to me.

Before Christmas, circumstances permitting, I hope to undertake further direct action at both Leeming Bar and the south coast. I will be open to others joining me.

Please do give consideration to making a donation to assist with my costs as without such help future direct action will be restricted.

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In essence, the more assistance I receive the more direct action I will be in a position to take.

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