British Parking Association – Flawed Systems Challenged

The British Parking Association represents the UK parking and traffic management profession. It is the leading association for the parking sector with over 750 corporate members includes local government, commercial providers and parking system operators.

Despite their position, it is allowing its members to operate fundamentally flawed systems.

In August 2019 I received a parking charge from UKPC for parking at Mcdonald’s, Bilbough Top claiming I had parked for 7 hours and 11 minutes in excess of the maximum stay time of 1 hour 30 minutes. In truth, I visited McDonald’s for breakfast and drove through over six hours later to pick up a coffee on my way home from work.

UKPC operates an ANPR system on this site and many others across the country. ANPR is used by many parking system operators.

Weakness In The System

I have learnt from personal experience that UKPC recorded me entering and leaving the site only. Yet they even failed to do this correctly as, on the day in question, I visited the location twice, but it only recorded my first entry and last departure.

At no time did UKPC record my parking.

The BPA must not permit its members to issue a parking charge without evidence of parking. With no evidence of parking, no court can ever rule against the motorist challenging a parking charge in a court of law.

As BPA members will be fully aware of this to issue a parking charge could be considered a breach of the Fraud Act 2006.

BPA Members Exposed To False Claims

Under the current system, anyone issued a parking ticket without evidence of parking can make a successful appeal.

This exposes all BPA members to false appeals which it has no way to defend in a court of law.

Unless this “loophole” is addressed every parking systems operator using the same system is facing financial ruin.

Request To BPA

I have requested that the BPA change its Code of Professional Conduct to ensure none of its members issues a parking charge without evidence of parking. In addition, I have asked that it informs all members of this with immediate effect.

If the BPA decline my request I will approach the Government to pass the required legislation to ensure this requirement becomes law.

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