Leeming Bar Parking Ban To Continue

True to form Hambleton District Council (HDC) Cabinet have confirmed that they and officers are corrupt by agreeing to continue the overnight parking ban at Leeming Bar in breach of legislation.

  • Legislation Breaches

The decision is in breach of the following:

  1. The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – 65 – 1 which states “A public spaces protection order may not restrict the public right of way over a highway.” Consequently, to issue a FPN would be a breach of the Fraud Act 2006.
  2. The required signage is not contained in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016. The Cabinet Report – 150119 – Public Space Protection Orders (click on the link to read the full report) confirms that HDC cannot have a PSPO on the Highway as  “Any signage related to the Public Space Protection Order does not fall within permitted signage within the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016”.
  3. The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 – 64 – 1 states: “In this Act “traffic sign” means any object or device (whether fixed or portable) for conveying, to traffic on roads or any specified class of traffic, warnings, information, requirements, restrictions or prohibitions of any description
  • British Truckers Intimidated – Foreign Truckers Free Parking

As the continuation of the overnight parking ban breaches legislation, it is clearly an attempt to intimidate British Truckers.

HDC cannot access vehicle details of none UK HGVs so they will be unable to prosecute overseas HGV drivers for none payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice. Thus they have free parking courtesy of HDC.

The HDC overnight parking ban puts UK truckers at a commercial disadvantage to foreign truckers. This is unacceptable and shameful.

  • Information Requested

Given the corrupt conduct of Councillors and Officers in their attempt to ban overnight parking I invite information on the following Councillors and Officers regards any conflict of interest or any other inappropriate behaviour in relation to planning, etc..

  1. Cllr Carl Les – HDC Councillor and North Yorkshire County Council Leader
  2. Steven Lister – HDC Director
  3. Cllr Bridget Fortune – HDC Councillor
  4. Cllr David Webster – HDC Councillor
  5. Cllr Stephen Watson – HDC Councillor
  6. Cllr Isobel Sanderson – HDC Councillor
  7. Cllr Peter Wilkinson – HDC Councillor
  8. Cllr Mark Robson – HDC Councillor and Leader
  9. Cllr John Noone – HDC Councillor
  10. Cllr Michael Barningham – HDC Councillor
  11. Cllr Neil Pocklington – Aiskew and Leeming Bar Parish Council Councillor

Email: info@island-man.co.uk

  • My Position Remains

HDC must prosecute me in a Court of Law or the overnight parking ban is null and void.

They do not have a cat in hell’s chance of doing this.

My campaign and direct action will continue.

  • Plenty More To Follow

Over the coming days, I will be publishing further information in relation to this. I politely suggest that HDC fasten their seat belts!

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