Leeming Bar Parking Ban – Failed Consultation

The fools at Hambleton District Council (HDC) undertook the consultation to ban overnight parking at Leeming Bar in breach of legislation and statutory Government guidance.

The Draft PSPO confirms that HDC failed to publish the text of the proposed variation to the Order as they omitted the times.

The legislation is clear and this is supported on page 49 of the Anti-social behaviour powers – Statutory guidance for frontline professionals

This was confirmed in the online Evaluation Consultation (October 2019) that asks for “preferred daily start and end times for the prohibition”

I stated in Strangeway 6 v 0 Hambleton District Council (H-t) “Perhaps I will expose further breaches and/or information.”

If the fools at HDC are intent on confirming how corrupt they are by continuing this fiasco, do I have further breaches and/or information to reveal?


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