Covid 19 – Closing Cemeteries

I would like to thank everyone who contacted me after I published Coronavirus – Failed Policy And Questionable “Facts” last Sunday. Firstly I would like to confirm that my opinion remains the same.

Pocklington Cemetery – Open As Usual

More than a week has now passed so over the next few days I will share my thoughts and the information I hold in relation to Covid 19.

A simple search of “covid 19 closing cemeteries” will reveal the extent to which various councils are closing cemeteries. In essence, the standard strapline appears to be:

“Cemeteries are temporarily closing to the public as a result of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. The cemeteries will remain closed until further notice to help limit the risk of exposure.”

How can this possibly be a reasonable decision especially as the public footpaths remain open?

Many Grandmothers are already banned from seeing their Grandchildren. A stroll to be with their late husband in the cemetery for a few minutes would be not only a suitable form of exercise but most importantly assist her mental health.

So why have these Councils, which include Market Weighton Town Council (MWTC), not considered this before closing the open space?

Whenever I visit a cemetery I have always witnessed social distancing before the term was even known. This makes cemeteries essential open spaces for undertaking a daily exercise of both body and the mind.

My opinion is supported by the Government. Only yesterday the Communities Secretary, Robert Jenrick, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that closing parks and open spaces in lockdown should be ‘last resort’.

He added: “This is [the councils] decision, but I have asked them to be very judicious in taking that step and only to do that where they feel it is impossible to maintain social distancing rules within their parks or open spaces.”

I believe MWTC and all other Councils who have acted against the Government thinking should revisit their questionable decision and follow the example of Pocklington Town Council (PTC) who have not closed the Pocklington Cemetery.

Credit to PTC. I have congratulated PTC and asked MWTC to revisit their decision.

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