Police Flummoxed Over Anti-Social Behaviour

On the 27 January, I reported Inspector Sarah Sanderson of North Yorkshire Police (NYP) for condoning the Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) banning overnight parking as overnight parking is not defined as anti-social behaviour and thus the PSPO is a misuse of legislation.

Inspector Sarah Sanderson

For background please read Police Condone The Closing Of All Roads (click on the link).

Despite NYP assuring me on 3 February that an Officer would be in contact as per the Independent Office for Police Conduct Statutory Guidance sadly over two months later I have heard nothing.

To save resources I have politely suggested to NYP that a couple of simple phone calls to both the Thames Valley Police and  Metropolitan Police will confirm that remaining in a vehicle is not anti-social behaviour. Thus the Leeming Bar PSPO is a misuse of legislation and should not have been supported by North Yorkshire Police.

I appreciate not knowing what anti-social behaviour is is rather embarrassing for both North Yorkshire Police and Inspector Sarah Sanderson. But looking on the bright side at least the misunderstanding will not occur in the future. As my Grannie used to say worse happens at sea.

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