Emergency Plans – Profound Thinkers Required

In effect, an Emergency Plan is a risk assessment as all that is required is to identify, own and mitigate. What could be simpler?

Alan Bravey, Emergency Planning Manager

In 2016, Pocklington Town Council (PTC) refused to allow me to have a copy of their Emergency Plan – even though I was the Independent ERYC Ward Councillor for Pocklington and my contact details appeared in the plan.

I finally secured a copy via the Freedom of Information legislation. Upon reading it, was obvious why PTC did not want to make it public. It was flawed to the core. This was typified by the claim that in an emergency, in twos, the Town Council would knock on every door in Pocklington in case a resident was vulnerable!

I immediately raised concerns about the Pocklington Emergency Plan as it was not fit for purpose because it:

  • Failed to have a register of those requiring assistance in an emergency
  • Failed to have a register of those able to assist in an emergency
  • Was not made public (even to the local ERYC Ward Councillors)

PTC disagreed when I stated the above – and did nothing. My opinion was discussed and attacked on local a Facebook Group.

I then held a meeting with Alan Bravey, Emergency Planning Manager at Humber Emergency Planning Service. Alan is the main person responsible for Emergency Planning in the Humber region. He disagreed when I stated the above, supported PTC – and did nothing.

I then held a meeting with ERYC Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services, Paul Bellotti. Paul disagreed when I stated the above, supported PTC and Alan also did nothing.

ERYC Failure To Refer

What should have happened is that the Humber Emergency Planning Service and ERYC should have referred this up to Westminster and requested that Emergency Planning in the UK was given a full overall review.

Sadly, as on numerous occasions, those at County Hall were so obsessed with silencing Strangeway instead of accepting that he was the only profound thinker regards the Emergency Plans this did not happen. Yet again, ego took over their senses.

23 March 2020 Lockdown

On 23 March 2020, the UK went into lockdown without any Emergency Plans that were fit for purpose. This meant:

  • Yorkshire Parish/Town Councils were told to stand down their Emergency Plans
  • PPE was inadequate
  • No temperature screening took place at UK airports
  • Not enough tests have taken place

All of this could have been averted if ERYC had referred up and then Westminster referred back down.

Knee-Jerk Response – Is Crap

The Government’s knee-jerk response has resulted in the UK having the worst Coronavirus curve. I am astounded that the Government went into lockdown with no clear exit strategy. This is basic schoolboy chess.

ERYC sent out a letter to residents on March 30 which I received on April 7. Please see ERYC Covid 19 Letter 300320 (click on the link to read). This can only be described as crap and insulting to residents. There is no need to explain why.

Offer To Help

As PTC, Alan Bravey and Paul Bellotti have all demonstrated they lack the profound thinking required, none are qualified to revisit the Emergency Planning system.

As I have clearly displayed profound thinking, I will consider any request for help from ERYC, Humber Emergency Planning Service or Westminster to address this failure moving forward.

I have informed Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, and Sir Greg Knight MP of my offer.

NB: Photos of the refurbishment of Committee rooms at County Hall, Beverley are invited.

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