Peterborough Height Barrier – TRO Consultation Begins

Having agreed that the height barrier at the entrance to Car Haven Car Park, Peterborough is in breach of legislation due to there being no Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for it the City Council has now confirmed the required process to introduce a TRO will beginning on Thursday.

The City Council confirmed:

“That is was taken up with the network team and the process for introducing a traffic regulation order has commenced.  This involves the order being placed in the local paper commencing at earliest next Thursday for three consecutive weeks and thereafter the order can then be formally made.”

The height barrier must be at the required height, with the height stated on the barrier and warning signage in place on the approach access to the barrier.

As there are significantly fewer vehicles on the network at present due to virus restrictions, not to mention other risks created if the height barrier were to be removed while the order is being made the barrier will remain. I believe this pragmatic approach is appropriate.

I encourage anyone who would like to contribute to the consultation to do so.

Given that the required TRO is now actioned my role as a campaigner in this is now completed.

I have thanked Peterborough City Council for agreeing to ensure that the height barrier is lawful.

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