Pluralism – Neither Positive, Negative or Eejit

Always having the firm belief that the NHS should be paid for by our taxes instead of relying on charity last night I published the following image on my Facebook page as the essence shared my opinion.

A key principle of Sikhism is the importance of pluralism. With no appreciation of pluralism, one of my Facebook “friends” decided to share my post on their Facebook page, with links to myself and wrote

“Another reason not to vote for this eejit ever again – we are all trying to be positive and Andy Strangely is constantly negative (although I believe he enjoyed a holiday in the East and hasn’t told us ‘public’ what his self quarantine measures were).
He is distracting from an amazing guy who served our country and is doing again what he can to serve us – Andy Strangeway, what have you done???”


I loved the irony that they republished the image they objected to. It would not be appropriate to discuss this beyond the “we are positive, you are negative” aspect.

Covid 19 and with it the Government propaganda has created a culture where if you dutifully follow the Government mantra you are positive but if you don’t you are negative.

Perhaps my Facebook “friend”, as a female, believes the Suffragettes were negative to the Government for wanting votes for women. Or as a Stamford Bridge resident perhaps she believes I was negative to East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) in my former role of an Independent ERYC Councillor when I challenged their policy of there being no permanent pump in Stamford Bridge. The lack of a permanent pump resulted in regular flooding of the A166 and local businesses. My negativity to ERYC resulted in a permanent pump and no flooding.

Enough said.

In essence, whether it is votes for women, pumps for Stamford Bridge or funding for the NHS being “positive” by agreeing to the Government position is perhaps not so positive for the greater good. History proves this.

I politely offered my Facebook “friend” the opportunity to apologise. Alas her reply demonstrated a total lack of understanding why I was offering her the opportunity.

You are negative and I am positive is the language of a passive-aggressive.

Pluralism is neither negative, positive or eejit. There is no need to be nasty or rude. It is fine to have a difference of opinion and indeed healthy.

Perhaps many in the UK could learn from the importance Sikhism places on pluralism.

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