Forensic Science Negates CCTV States Regulator

I have been aware, for nearly a year, that CCTV systems in the East Riding and across the UK are fundamentally flawed. My position is now supported by none other than the Forensic Science Regulator, Dr Gillian Tully.

Gillian has stated:

“Innocent people are being wrongly convicted and criminals are escaping justice because of the failure of the forensic science system to meet basic standards.”


“In England and Wales, not one CCTV image analyst met the required standard”


“Evidence from some experts testifying in court was not scientifically justifiable”

Among the areas of concern is CCTV, crucial to many police investigations. The forensics regulator said she could not vouch for the accuracy of analysis meant to show if someone caught on camera was the same person as a suspect.

“I can’t give an assurance about it in any case,” Gillian said. “People are not fully tested according to international standards.”

After almost a year of denial, will Humberside Police, Pocklington Town Council, Driffield Town Council and Market Weighton Town Council now accept that they are wasting taxpayers resources on their CCTV systems which are now confirmed to be a criminal’s best friend?

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