Tricky Micky Snookered By Chief Exec’s Anger Issues

After over a year of exposing the pig’s ear that Hambleton District Council (HDC) have made of their attempt to unlawfully ban overnight parking at Leeming Bar the Chief Executive Justin Ives allowed his well-known anger issues to get the better of him when he entered into petulant child mode by falsely accusing me of having an “abusive tone” in my correspondence with HDC.

Tricky Micky, aka, Michael Jewitt

Please see Justin Ives Letter – 27 January 2020 (click on the link to read).

Given the history of child abuse across North Yorkshire, for a Chief Executive of a North Yorkshire Council to so flippantly use the word ‘abusive’ is distasteful and insulting to those victims of abuse. I strongly refuted the allegations and requested a copy of any instance of “abusive tone” in my correspondence.

Enter Tricky Micky aka Michael Jewitt

NB: I am informed that Michael is known as Tricky Micky due to his past career as a magician.

I offer the following exchanges with Tricky Micky to the Court of Public Opinion.

  • Tricky Micky:

“In your email you ask me in effect to provide you with information which justified the Chief Executive’s decision under the Council’s Management of Unacceptable Contact Policy not to correspond with you about the Leeming Bar PSPO. For example you ask me to provide “a copy of any instance of “abusive tone” in my correspondence” and your ask me to “particularise the aspect(s) of the HDC Management of Unacceptable Contact Policy Justin claims I have breached?

My role in conducting an appeal is not to answer questions on the original decision or to provide information/evidence to justify it. My role is to look at the decision afresh, looking again at the evidence on which the decision was based and anything else you may wish to say.”

  • Strangeway:

Could you please inform me whose role it is to: 

1. Provide “a copy of any instance of “abusive tone” in my correspondence”? and
2. “Particularise the aspect(s) of the HDC Management of Unacceptable Contact Policy Justin claims I have breached?”

  • Tricky Micky:

“I believe my email was clear and suggested a reasonable way of proceeding with your appeal and I have nothing further to add.”

Justice Warby Confirms Situation

In summing up the recent case brought by Meghan Markle Justice Warby stated:

“The pleaded case as it stands is embarrassing in the old sense that it places the defendant in an impossible position, whereby it cannot tell what case it has to meet”

My Appeal

As HDC have failed to provide:

  1. Evidence of what I am alleged to have stated and
  2. Which aspect of the HDC’s Management of Unacceptable Contact Policy the alleged statement(s) has breached

I have no case to answer as per the statement of Justice Warby.

Alas, Justin Ives has snookered Tricky Micky in an unenviable position. He must now support the conduct of his anger engulfed boss or the opinion of HHJ Warby.

As HDC have failed to present a case Tricky Micky must revoke the decision of his boss Justin Ives.

Footnote: The general opinion is that the overnight parking ban at Leeming Bar remains unenforceable as it breaches legislation.

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