Scarborough Council Dishonest Eyesore To Continue

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has confirmed that they will continue being blatantly dishonest by claiming that there is a “Penalty Charge” at the Abbey Plain Turning Area in Whitby despite the fact that no such charge exists.

SBC has stated:

“We are arranging for the sign to be amended at the earliest safe opportunity however at the current time only works relating to emergencies are being undertaken.”

So why have SBC left the eyesore that is the sign in place for years?

The word on the steps is that SBC has carried out  “manoeuvres” to take control of the turning area. When this is made public the question remains – why have such an eyesore in such a beautiful location? Surely not to intimidate residents and visitors?

Would SBC like a volunteer to “amend” the sign?

SBC must remove the eyesore not just amend it and make their manoeuvres public.

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