The Covid 19 Lockdown Is Insane

On 29 March 2020 in Coronavirus – Failed Policy And Questionable “Facts” I stated:

“Make no mistake the virus itself is Stage 1. Stage 2 will be the results of the failed policy. This will include non-virus related deaths, cancelled medical appointments, mental health, alcoholism, business failures, job losses, houses being repossessed etc.. Clearly, Stage 2 will dwarf Stage 1.”

At the time few held this opinion or more importantly few publically stated it. Over the past month and a half, my opinion has been proved to be correct.

Professor Dolores Cahill Supports My Position

I have never agreed with the lockdown and today I demonstrate why the Covid 19 lockdown is insane. Support for my opinion comes from Professor Dolores Cahill as can be seen in the video above.

Facts Of Life

As it appears many have forgotten about the facts of life I will start with a reminder of the basics:

  1. The only certainty we all have is that we will all die.
  2. To sustain itself the body requires a nutritious and balanced diet.

We Will Die

Over the past few months Influenza A, Influenza B, and Covid 19 have circulated the World as viruses do every year.

It is normal for those who are vulnerable to suffer the most from the viruses and indeed many die each year as a result.

Nutritious And Balanced Diet

The most important thing we can all do to prepare for the annual viruses is to ensure we have a nutritious and healthy diet. This must include sufficient Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

An important fact about Vitamin D is that the body can also make this from the sunshine. A simple sign of a Vitamin D deficiency is low mood. In the Northern Hemisphere this affects many over the winter months and is referred to as SAD.

In essence, the Northern Hemisphere has just come out of the six months of winter and as a result, many will be low in Vitamin D.

Covid 19 Globally

In the initial stages, Covid 19 appeared in the Northern Hemisphere. When it spread further it was noticeable that it mainly affected the first world followed by the second world and least the third world.

New Zealand has without a doubt dealt with Covid 19 the best. The fact that they are in the Southern Hemisphere and have just enjoyed six months of summer that brought with it a top-up of Vitamin D cannot be ignored.

Third world countries are generally nearer to the Equator and thus have plenty of sunshine to deliver Vitamin D.

Vitamin D and sunshine are vital aspects in dealing with the Covid 19 virus. Many in the Northern Hemisphere have had no access to either for the six months prior.

Why are Governments not mentioning this?

UK Response

In the UK many will be low in Vitamin D due to the six months of winter yet the UK Government policy of lockdown means many remain indoors and thus receive no Vitamin D. In addition, the lockdown prevents enjoying time with family and friends which contributes to low mood, as does a lack of Vitamin D.

As depression has come to visit UK residents are now drinking more alcohol which is a depressant. Thus we are in a downward spiral.

Those in Care Homes will be low in Vitamin D due to the winter and many will be low in Vitamin C and thus we are seeing the vast number of deaths.

Stop The Insane Lockdown

Regardless of the economic impact the lockdown is insane for the nation’s health and must cease as a matter of urgency.

I fully support those who are vulnerable insolating themselves. But not for 12 weeks. Most importantly there should be a focus of all those who are vulnerable building up their immunity as soon as they start isolation. This involves at the very least adequate Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

Those who are not vulnerable should ensure that they also have a nutritious and healthy diet. There is then no purpose of the healthy themselves going into lockdown.

Why has the UK Government not taken this fundamental course of action?

Leaked Covid 19 Document

To further support my opinion I share copy of a leaked Covid 19 SAGE Committee document.

Please click on UK Column.

I believe this clearly demonstrates the truth behind the insane lockdown. I am in no doubt time will prove my opinion to be correct as it did with my opinion on 29 March 2020.

If you want to attack me, so be it.

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