UK Government Before UK Children

Although I am against the lockdown I now take a pragmatic approach. As the Government and the majority of the people support the lockdown my pragmatic approach is let’s make it work.

East Riding – County Hall

Sadly the Upper-Class model of WW1 is still key to the Government thinking – we are right behind you lads – three miles behind you that is.

I have watched in disbelief over recent days as the UK Government supports lockdown for itself yet claims it is safe for teachers and children to go back to school.

To remove the fear people have it is time to lead by example. The Government must first ensure the Town Halls, County Halls and Westminster are back to full working before teachers and children are requested to go back to school.

It would appear the adage of women and children first now becomes rather negative. Children must now go first and be the Governments guinea pigs.

Can Johnson sink any further?

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