Hambleton Council Fail To Enforce Parking Tickets

Hambleton District Council (HDC) have failed to issue one Fixed Penalty Notice for overnight parking at Leeming Bar despite wasting £26,800 attempting to ban overnight parking. I can now confirm that they also shy away from enforcing Penalty Charge Notices (Parking Tickets). Over the past five years, they have failed to enforce 1,490 parking tickets. At £60 a ticket this equates to a loss of £89,400.

Add the £26,800 to the £89,400 and that is £116,200 of lost revenue. It appears that HDC introduces bans but are too scared to enforce them.

Today it is one year since I started my campaign against the Leeming Bar Overnight Parking ban. The success of my campaign is that HDC has not issued one ticket.

Happy birthday HDC and congratulations for losing £116,200 in revenue, your residents must be proud of you.

Interestingly the tickets were issued by Scarborough Borough Council!

Further Information

Please see Hambleton (click on the link).

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