Profound Coronavirus Post – 29 March 2020

On 29 March 2020 I published Coronavirus – Failed Policy And Questionable “Facts”. At the time I knew of no one stating this. Even those close to me advised against me publishing my opinions.

“How many will suffer and die at Stage 2 because of the failed policy of Stage 1?” typified the profound post.

Since then I have held the Government to account for closing cemeteries in Government U-Turn Forces Cemeteries To Re-Open.

I am now in the process of holding the Government to account for the Fundamentally Flawed Stay Overnight Covid Regulation.

Never be afraid to speak out. You may be the only one speaking the truth. Others will follow.

I reproduce the full 29 March 2020 article below:

Coronavirus – Failed Policy And Questionable “Facts”

I am in no doubt many will attack me for this article but I have no intention of sitting back and being silenced.

Firstly, I do not question that there is a virus. I question the Government “facts” and the policy of dealing with the virus.

Government “Facts”

To make this simple let us hypothetically say that in the UK “1,000 people have the virus” and that “100 have died with it”. This is 10%.

  • Fact 1 – “1,000 have the virus” – but what if over a million have had the virus and most are not recorded?
  • Fact 2 – “100 have died with it”. Just because a person dies with the virus does not mean they have died from it.

Now, what would the fatality rate be?

Failed Policy

From what I have read in the UK 1.5 million out of 66 million is considered vulnerable i.e. 1 person in 43. Why has there not been a policy to isolate the vulnerable but not the other 42?

Stage 1 – Stage 2

Make no mistake the virus itself is Stage 1.

Stage 2 will be the results of the failed policy. This will include non-virus related deaths, cancelled medical appointments, mental health, alcoholism, business failures, job losses, houses being repossessed etc.. Clearly, Stage 2 will dwarf Stage 1.


Last Saturday I arrived home from a month in India. Just after I left the country went into lockdown. I believe this lockdown was forced on India by Western Governments.

1.3 billion people live in India. This lockdown will result in countless deaths.

Please click on BBC – Locked Down India Struggles.

Once you have watched the BBC article I ask you to consider what I have said. How many will suffer and die at Stage 2 because of the failed policy of Stage 1?

If you want to attack me, so be it.

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