Whitby Abbey Aire – Media Coverage

I take my hat off to those in the media who have covered the news of the Whitby Abbey Aire so enthusiastically.

Sandra Turner – Letter To The Editor (Whitby Gazette)

This has included:

NB: Please click on the links above and support all the media outlets whenever possible.

I am informed that the business community has welcomed the idea. Motorhomers have also given their thumbs up.

I can personally confirm the interest shown. Since February 2016 I have posted over 2,500 articles on this site. The Whitby Abbey Aire post has generated more than twice the amount of traffic than the previous most popular post.

The future of a Whitby Abbey Aire certainly looks bright.

Next Step

I would expect that the next step will be for Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Councillors to put a motion forward in support of the Whitby Abbey Aire to the next Full Council meeting scheduled in July.

I will continue to support and assist whenever possible SBC, Councillors, local businesses and motorhomers in this exciting endeavour.

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