MP Claims Overnight Is Before Bedtime

East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has claimed that “overnight” is before bedtime.

Greg Knight MP

In response to Stay Overnight Covid Regulation – Fundamentally Flawed Greg claimed

“However, I think most people, using commonsense, would understand that staying somewhere ‘overnight’ means spending an evening during which part would be occupied by sleeping, away from one’s own home”.

Ironically it is Greg’s own statement that is devoid of commonsense.

He should be aware, as everyone with commonsense will be, that evening is the period of time at the end of the day, usually from about 6 p.m. to the beginning of night/bedtime. Before is the afternoon and after is night. Between night and afternoon is morning.

His understanding of overnight bizarrely does not actually involve the night and it requires sleeping yet evening is prior to bedtime.

Despite twice being offered the opportunity to revisit his claim Greg did not avail the opportunity.

Strangeway – Knight Email Exchange

In the public interest, I offer to the Court of Public opinion my fully email exchanges with Greg.

Strangeway – Knight Email Exchanges (Click on the link to read)

Further Information

In April, Greg was previously found wanting by failing to grasp that cemeteries cannot be closed. A position acknowledged by the Government the following day.

Government U-Turn Forces Cemeteries To Re-Open (Click on the link to read)

Hopefully, the next time I have to communicate with Greg he will embrace the opportunity to work with me. It will always be my intention to work with Greg but alas you cannot force an MP to drink.

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