Banned, Not Banned, Banned And Banned

The Leeming Bar Overnight Parking Ban has become a banned, not banned, banned and banned fiasco.

  • Banned – Hambleton District Council (HDC) ban overnight parking if remaining in the vehicle.
  • Not Banned – I undertake direct action by parking overnight and remaining in my vehicle to challenge HDC to issue me a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). I would successfully challenge this in a Court of Law. HDC failed to issue me a FPN as they know they would lose.
  • Banned – I am now banned from communicating with HDC in relation to the overnight parking ban. I can confirm that both bans have failed.
  • Banned – By 2022 or 2023 HDC will itself be banned by the Government redrawing of boundaries.

You cannot fail but to laugh at the irony.

Those Behind The Fiasco

It is interesting to note those behind this fiasco that has currently cost the taxpayer over £26,000 yet no FPN has been issued

  • Councillor Carl Les, Leader of North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) and a HDC Councillor. Carl also has various business interests in the Leeming Bar area.

  • Steven Lister, HDC Director of Leisure and Communities. Steven is the person responsible for making the pigs ear of the ban.

  • Justin Ives, Chief Executive, HDC. Justin has known anger issues who has a habit of spitting his dummy out. Justin has banned me from communicating with HDC in relation to the overnight parking ban. A clear case of stick fingers in ears, sing la la and it will go away. I can confirm that the ban has failed.

  • Michael, Tricky Dickie, Jewitt, Director of Environmental and Planning Services, HDC has supported his boss sticking fingers in his ears and singing la la.

Why are these four gentlemen collectively supporting that which cannot be enforced? Surely they are not attempting to cover anything up?

Information Invited

I invite anyone with information, including documents, in relation to the Leeming Bar overnight parking ban to contact me. This will then be added to the information I already hold to form a more interesting jigsaw.

Perhaps the following may assist:

  1. Why does North Yorkshire County Council have no policy for the overnight parking of HGVs?
  2. When the A1M was upgraded at Leeming Bar why was there no lay bys included?
  3. What is the true purpose of the pristine A6055 “service road” that runs parallel to the A1M?
  4. Why does the A6055 also have no lay bys?
  5. Why were hundreds of tonne of tarmac scrapped instead of using it to build lay bys?
  6. What is the ownership history of the northbound services at Leeming Bar?
  7. What is the ownership history of the southbound services at Leeming Bar?
  8. Who will financially benefit from the planned “Super Truck Stop” at Leeming Bar?

Contact Details

If you would like to supply any information I can be contacted by either email or via post: 1A, Holly Close, Full Sutton, York, YO41 1LY

Although not essential it would be useful to include a phone number.

Confidentiality will be respected – I NEVER REVEAL MY SOURCES.

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