North Yorkshire Misleading And Unlawful Signage

In 2013 North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) was challenged for erecting unlawful and unenforceable signage on the public highway that was an attempt to intimidate to prevent “overnight camping and parking”.

As can be seen from the email above Emily Murphy admits that the County Council erected them as a “deterrent” although many would rightly call it intimidation and arrogance.

Emily falsely states that “there is no relevant rule governing the erection of the signs”.

Ms Murphy should be aware that all signs on the public highway must be contained in the TSRGD.

Moving Forward

As no Local Authority should ever erect unlawful signage on the public highway especially to intimidate I have requested Barry Khan NYCC Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services) to ensure that NYCC no longer engages in such an unacceptable practice.

I have also requested an assurance from Barry that all relevant officers are given the required training to prevent such actions in the future.

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