NHS Worker Overnights At Sealife Centre

Last night various people lawfully parked up for the night at the Sealife Centre, Scarborough in vans and motorhomes.

One of these was an NHS worker as the Ringo App states: “This location is currently free for NHS, care and volunteer workers due to Coronavirus.”

North Yorkshire Police

I would like to thank the North Yorkshire Police (NYP) for ensuring everyone’s security by twice patrolling the car park. This involved a simple drive around the mini-roundabout on both occasions.

At no time did NYP check on any of the vehicles.

Overnight Camping

If anyone receives a Penalty Charge Notice in relation to the “No Overnight Camping” signage at the Sealife Centre I will happily offer my knowledge to assist in the making of an appeal.

Email To Mike Greene

I have sent an email to Mike Greene, SBC Chief Executive, to thank him for permitting the free parking at the Sealife Centre for NHS, care and volunteer workers due to Coronavirus and to also enquiry how much longer it will continue.

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