Covid Concerns – Greg Knight Open Letter

As I am rather concerned about the Government’s policy in relation to lockdowns and quarantine I have sent the letter below to my MP Greg Knight who represents East Yorkshire.

Dear Greg,

I write to you to express my concerns regarding the current decisions the Government has made in relation to Covid lockdowns and quarantine.

Northampton/North Of England

In Northampton, nearly 300 people have tested positive in one factory alone but there is no lockdown.

Yet across the north of England in numerous locations, the number of cases increased by 10 to 20 and they are put into lockdown.

Could you please explain to me why the Government has one policy for the North and another for Northampton? Is it because the Northern lockdowns are in predominately Labour areas while Northampton is Conservative?


I read that there were 160,000 UK holidaymakers in France when 30 hours notice was given of the requirement for a 14-day quarantine for those returning from France. This announcement resulted in a mass exodus from France back to the UK.

If the situation in France necessitated a period of quarantine why permit a 30 hour period before the commencement of the requirement to quarantine?

Does this policy not result in up to 160,000 people returning from France with Covid being permitted to freely move around and infect UK and East Yorkshire residents?

In the interests of transparency please be aware I have published this letter to you (LINK).

I look forward to hearing from you.


Andy Strangeway,

1A, Holly Close, Full Sutton, York, YO41 1LY

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