Police Unlawfully Target Lake District Parking

Those who have been moved on by Cumbria Police while parking in the Lake District at night will be shocked to learn that Cumbria Police have committed an abuse of power by their actions.

The video recording above shows Cumbria Police accosting a gentleman, “Fred”, for parking with the following exchange:

  •  FredCan you just quickly confirm that byelaw again, so that’s no overnighting in a vehicle in the Lake District?
  • Police: Yes, so the Byelaws have existed since the 1970’s, erm, they are enforceable, ah now the authority we get is from the National Parks Authority.
  • Fred: Ok.
  • Police: It’s no camping and that includes in-vehicle camping as well.
  • Fred: Yes.

Lake District Authority Statement

Julie Wood, Solicitor, Lake District National Park Authority has confirmed in response to my Freedom of Information Act request that the Police Officer is committing an abuse of power by informing me that:

“The land upon which “Fred” was camped/parked is not covered by any byelaws”

Formal Complaint To Cumbria Police

I have submitted a formal complaint to Cumbria Police.

I recommend that those who are victims of the unlawful conduct of Cumbria Police in this situation request redress from Cumbria Police.

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