30 Hour Quarantine Window As Cases Increase

On 15 August I raised my concerns with Greg Knight MP in relation to the “30 hour period prior to quarantine policy” that the Government had adopted in relation to France. It is noted that this policy has continued to be adopted for more countries since.

My position is simple – If the situation in France necessitated a period of quarantine why permit a 30 hour period before the commencement of the requirement to quarantine?

Nine days later Greg’s response to me was rather concerning:

“So far as the delay between the quarantine requirement being announced and being implemented is concerned, I have asked ministers for clarification.”

Why is my MP unable to answer such an important question after nine days?

I have now waited over two weeks and Greg has failed to inform me of any clarification he has received.

Cases Increase

The country is now three weeks into the “30 hour period prior to quarantine policy”. Our media is full of headlines informing us that cases of Covid are on the increase and local Lockdowns are everywhere.

As the “30 hour period prior to quarantine policy” is likely to be a contributing factor to the increase in cases I have requested Greg to:

  1. Inform me what clarification he has received from Ministers
  2. To request a review of the “30 hour period prior to quarantine policy” given the increase in Covid cases.

Further Information

Please read Covid Concerns – Greg Knight Open Letter

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